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4G VoLTE Mobile Phones Price in India

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4G VoLTE Mobile Phones

4G VoLTE Mobile Phones Prices Specs Score
Xiaomi Redmi 4Rs. 8,79966/100
Xiaomi Redmi 4ARs. 6,49962/100
Motorola Moto MRs. 13,99974/100
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4Rs. 10,99973/100
Vivo V5Rs. 13,99974/100
Lenovo Vibe K5Rs. 6,99963/100
Coolpad Cool 1Rs. 11,69878/100
Huawei Honor 6XRs. 10,99971/100
Xiaomi Redmi 3sRs. 6,99966/100
Coolpad Note 5Rs. 9,99975/100
Latest Questions
How do I turn on VoLTE in my phone?

If you have found a device that supports 4G, VoLTE and have got a Reliance JIO SIM as well, you are all set and good to go. All you have to do is head over to settings and look for call settings, you will find VoLTE or HD call options and have to toggle them on.

Does the mobile I have selected support Reliance JIO?

Ideally, any handset that supports 4G LTE and VoLTE should be able to support the Reliance JIO SIM card. However, there have been instances when the device did not support it even after having 4G enabled. If you are not sure whether your handset supports JIO SIM or not, Reliance has put up an elaborate list of supported devices from almost all brands on their website. It would be wise to check the list if you intend to use a JIO SIM and planning to buy a new handset.

What is VoLTE?

Voice Over LTE or VoLTE as it is popularly known has taken the Indian market by storm in recent times. VoLTE converts the voice into data transfers over LTE and converts back into voice before it reaches the receiver. And in case any one of the caller loses the LTE connectivity, the call is converted to normal GSM or CDMA voice call. VoLTE offers a superior call quality as it can transfer more data. The voice call connection too is super fast. Another hidden benefit of VoLTE is that it results in better battery performance as the device doesn’t have to switch back to 2G top make calls and then back to 4G for data.

Does VoLTE makes sense at this time?

VoLTE indeed is a useful feature and has already been adopted by majority of population outside of India. However, before Reliance JIO, the feature was non existent in the country and no other network operator supports the same. If you are someone whose entire circle is using Reliance JIO its does make sense as it not only connects instantly but also offers crisp audio quality.

I already have a 4G mobile, can I use VoLTE?

Even if you have a 4G enabled smartphone, it is not guaranteed that VoLTE will work on it. VoLTE requires a specific hardware for it to work and even if the hardware supports it, sometimes manufacturers disable it on the software front since the feature was not supported until recently - means our mobile operating system too should support it. To check whether your handset has VoLTE or not, head over to call settings and look for VoLTE or HD calls option.

Popular Mobiles in India
Xiaomi Redmi 4
Xiaomi Redmi 4
Rs. 8,799
Xiaomi Redmi 4A
Xiaomi Redmi 4A
Rs. 6,499
Motorola Moto M
Motorola Moto M
Rs. 13,999
Vivo V5
Vivo V5
Rs. 13,999
Lenovo Vibe K5
Lenovo Vibe K5
Rs. 6,999
Coolpad Cool 1
Coolpad Cool 1
Rs. 11,698
Huawei Honor 6X
Huawei Honor 6X
Rs. 10,999
Xiaomi Redmi 3s
Xiaomi Redmi 3s
Rs. 6,999
Rs. 9,469
Best Selling Mobiles in India

This is the list of all 4G VoLTE Mobiles with prices, pictures, features, specifications, and reviews, available online in India. This includes the latest 4G VoLTE Mobiles arrivals in India in 2017. New 4G VoLTE Mobiles models are launched frequently; most of the 4G VoLTE Mobiles launched in India these days are android smartphones, but our list includes all handsets. You can sort the list to see the best 4G VoLTE Mobiles, bestselling 4G VoLTE Mobiles or the cheapest (low price) 4G VoLTE Mobiles. You can also filter this list by leading brands such as Xiaomi, Motorola, Vivo, Lenovo, Coolpad, Huawei etc.

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