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4GB RAM Mobile Phones in India with Prices

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4GB RAM Mobile Phones

4GB RAM Mobile Phones Prices Specs Score
Vivo V5Rs. 13,99974/100
Coolpad Cool 1Rs. 11,69878/100
Micromax YU YunicornRs. 9,46968/100
Coolpad Note 5Rs. 9,99975/100
Gionee A1Rs. 16,09979/100
Lenovo K6 Note 4GB RAMRs. 11,99971/100
HTC Desire 10 ProRs. 19,59076/100
Vivo V5sRs. 16,67075/100
Huawei Honor 8 LiteRs. 14,72075/100
Huawei Honor 8Rs. 17,99977/100
Latest Questions
How do I select the best one amongst all 4GB RAM mobiles? I’m really confused.

Selecting the best handset from those available in the market completely depends on your usage pattern and preferences. Do not just buy any device that claim to have 4GB of RAM but also analyse whether the processor in it supports higher RAM and whether the user interface as well as bloat on it is already taking up too much RAM already. 4GB RAM phones may turn out to be overkill but why compromise when you need the best of the lot. You can opt for any flagship device of the top brand offering this much memory but look out for battery. Battery should be solid enough to support the heavy usage.

How does more RAM helps in a smartphone?

In any computing device, the performance is directly proportionate to the amount of memory there is to dump files and process. More RAM means, the running processes and apps have more space to operate smoothly. This results in smooth execution and operation of the handset. Therefore, if you are a heavy user, who is into gaming and multitasking quite a lot, you will benefit from higher RAM. However, even then 3GB of RAM is more than enough for anything.

Does all of the RAM get used while using my handset?

It depends on the number of processes running in the background, opened by the user and always-on features. Please bear in mind that certain apps and processes are always running in the background including radio networks, social media and telephony, among others. Therefore, not all of the RAM is available to the user straight out of the box. Moreover, as user installs more and more apps while using the handset, as it is intended to, the RAM keeps getting filled. Therefore, do not be surprised when you see only 2GB or less RAM available when you have a 4GB handset.

Do I really need 4GB RAM in my phone?

It all depends on how you use your smartphone and whether or not you can live with a slight lag encountered every now and then. If you are someone who is into heavy multitasking, using multi-window feature to get more than one task completed at a time, you will be better off with a higher RAM handset. However, if you are an average user even 2 GB is more than enough for all your needs - even if you’re on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram throughout the day.

Popular Mobiles in India
Xiaomi Redmi 4
Xiaomi Redmi 4
Rs. 8,799
Xiaomi Redmi 4A
Xiaomi Redmi 4A
Rs. 6,499
Motorola Moto M
Motorola Moto M
Rs. 13,999
Vivo V5
Vivo V5
Rs. 13,999
Lenovo Vibe K5
Lenovo Vibe K5
Rs. 6,999
Coolpad Cool 1
Coolpad Cool 1
Rs. 11,698
Huawei Honor 6X
Huawei Honor 6X
Rs. 10,999
Xiaomi Redmi 3s
Xiaomi Redmi 3s
Rs. 6,999
Rs. 9,469
Best Selling Mobiles in India

This is the list of all 4GB RAM Mobiles with prices, pictures, features, specifications, and reviews, available online in India. This includes the latest 4GB RAM Mobiles arrivals in India in 2017. New 4GB RAM Mobiles models are launched frequently; most of the 4GB RAM Mobiles launched in India these days are android smartphones, but our list includes all handsets. You can sort the list to see the best 4GB RAM Mobiles, bestselling 4GB RAM Mobiles or the cheapest (low price) 4GB RAM Mobiles. You can also filter this list on 3G & 4G enabled mobiles by leading brands such as Vivo, Coolpad, Yu, Gionee, Lenovo, HTC etc.

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